What to do when a death occurs

Things to do with the funeral home
1. Make an appointment with the funeral home. The funeral home will help coordinate arrangements with the cemetery.

2. Decide on the time and place of the funeral or memorial service.

3. The funeral home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificates you will need and can order them. Vital statistic requirements are typically:

Birth date
Birth place
Father’s name
Mother’s maiden name
Social Security Number
Veteran’s Discharge or Claim Number
Marital Status

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Weather Sealing and Stripping

Weather in Phoenix? It happens, and it may ruin your garage and valuables within unless you call Phoenix Garage Masters to ensure your garage door has appropriate weather seals.

Also known as weather stripping or astragal, weather sealing is found on all four edges of the garage door, not just the bottom road adjacent. In fact, garage door weather seals are used not just for deterring weather, but as a deterrent for insects and vermin, a true issue with Phoenix, especially in the ant, spider, and silverfish filled summers.

There are different types and styles of weather seals, from vinyl, rubber, and brush, to flaps that fold over when the garage door closes to simple yet effective seals that just kiss the ground.

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Weight Gain Strategies – Three Ways to Add Good Weight

One of the common questions I get when training young athletes is how should they gain weight? I’m going to go ahead and go on record to say that not all athletes need to be as focused on gaining weight (beyond the natural process of growing) as they seem to be. We have a tendency to want our athletes as big as possible and that doesn’t always make them the best they can be on the field. A fat but a big athlete is almost always not going to be better than a small but lean athlete. Continue reading Weight Gain Strategies – Three Ways to Add Good Weight

Five Tips for Continuing Your Exercise Routine on Vacation

With the holidays coming up, lots of people will be traveling and heading out on vacation. I can’t count the many times I’ve traveled with good intentions and go as far as bringing my workout gear but never using it. After a little time and effort, I’ve figured out a few ways to fit some physical activity in while still enjoying a relaxing vacation. Continue reading Five Tips for Continuing Your Exercise Routine on Vacation

Medium, Rare, or Well Done

There are many ways to grill beef and everyone likes their steaks online cooked a little differently.  Using your guide and monitoring the three big T’s Timing, Temperature and Thickness, you will never have any trouble cooking your perfect steak exactly to your liking.  Whether your preference is to cook your steak rare, medium-rare, medium or well done, best piece of advice I can offer is to choose a quality cut of meat to start with.

What I thought I’d do here is quickly give you an overview of the most popular ways to cook steaks on the barbecue and make a couple of comments about each.

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10 Awesome Blog Commenting Tips

Commenting on other people’s blogs is an excellent opportunity to get exposure and a link to your own blog.  There is a growing debate as whether blog commenting is beneficial or not.  I hope these top 10 awesome blogging commenting tipswill help your marketing or blogging efforts

Besides, you never know what new friends you may make in the process. Bloggers are sociable, so most of them would probably reply to your comments. This article covers some awesome blog commenting tips to make the most out of your blogging efforts. Continue reading 10 Awesome Blog Commenting Tips