About coaching

What does your coaching program include?

My mission is to help people reduce stress, release overwhelm, and accomplish more with less effort by tapping into their unique strengths and multiple intelligences, resolving their internal and external conflicts, and cultivating awareness and peace of mind.

If you want to learn self-care, better manage your personal energy, develop healthier life and work habits, and bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life, my self help books can help you get there. You will open your VALVE of Transformation. The VALVE is a code that stands for:

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What to do when a death occurs

Things to do with the funeral home
1. Make an appointment with the funeral home. The funeral home will help coordinate arrangements with the cemetery.

2. Decide on the time and place of the funeral or memorial service.

3. The funeral home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificates you will need and can order them. Vital statistic requirements are typically:

Birth date
Birth place
Father’s name
Mother’s maiden name
Social Security Number
Veteran’s Discharge or Claim Number
Marital Status

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Harnessing Mind Power to Feel Self Empowered: 1 Powerful Tip

By harnessing mind power you can program your subconscious mind and begin to feel confident very quickly. You would feel confident to handle any situation even if the situation is difficult or unusual.

Why do people need to Harness Mind Power?

Often we feel powerless when we don’t know how to handle an unusual situation, a difficult situation or a situation where we were left inadequate in the past.

In such circumstances most of us begin to feel anxiety and worry.  We can also feel some degree of helplessness when we can’t come up with a solution to resolve that situation.

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