Photo Montage

Through photo montages, we are able to present a rich visual world that has been captured in a two-dimensional surface. Photo montage allows us to manipulate various images by re-assembling, cutting, adding and fusing them to create a desired image. When we take photos of particular subjects, the results may be varied. In some cases, the scenes captured may be unexpected. It may present a stark contrast of what we wanted to capture. In other cases, the scene may be completely disappointing. The scene may be the complete opposite of what we perceive with our eyes. In this case, the photo montage comes in handy. It allows us to use multiple images to create our own perception of a scene. It allows us to add a deeper meaning to our images.

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Professional photo retoucher

Bravo Clipping is the largest photo editor in the country, we offer affordable services in professional photo editing, photo retouching, image masking in Photoshop, image manipulation, photo restoration, real estate editing and post production services. We have an online expert team of graphic specialist and managers who is ready to receive your first batch of images for editing.

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