Remember Forever With Pet Urns For Ashes

A family animal has a special place in that family. As dog and cat owners testify, pet owners sympathize with the role dogs and cats play in the dynamics of a home. The dog or cat becomes part of the family which means that when it dies, a piece of that family goes with it. At Coffin Supplier, our job is to provide you with a dog ashes box that allows you and your family to remember the dog, cat or other animal that shared so many memories with your family. Continue reading Remember Forever With Pet Urns For Ashes

Organic Dog Shampoo

Choosing the right dog shampoo is very important. Dogs have fewer skin cell layers of just 3-5 compared to humans which is 10-15 layers. So even using something as mild as baby shampoo should never be used. Pet shampoos which include element like deodorants or fragrances that may affect to the skin of your pet and cause irritation or inflammations. So organic dog shampoos without any unnatural additives are today very popular. For dogs that have dry, flaking or itching skin should not have a water based shampoo used on them as this can dry out the skin further. Continue reading Organic Dog Shampoo