Types of Telescope

Star gazers have always wanted to get closer to the evening sky, marveling at how light from trillions of miles away can still twinkle and reach us despite the distance. Astronomers, both professional and amateur, have seen the starry canvas as the key to the universe. Unlock it and better understand: everything.

While telescopic devices date back as far as 1000 BC with the ancient Assyrians, Galileo Galilei (1609) is generally credited as the first to use the instrument for astronomical purposes. Though Hans Lippershey is regarded as the true inventor of the telescope, he intended it for military use. Galilei however realized its power for astronomy and spent a lifetime surveying the sky and all that fills it.

Today, some 400 years later, this quest for space knowledge continues and the invention remains relatively unchanged. Its original design simply being improved upon. As for your endeavors in amateur astronomy, which type of telescope is best for you? Continue reading Types of Telescope