The Ten Rules of Wilkins Power and Strength

  1. Whining is not tolerated.  Whining is ignored.  If it makes you feel better, whine while you’re working.  I’ll just stare blankly.  If your whining is particularly inventive, I might be a smart-ass back.

2. If you train with me, be prepared to do new and challenging things.  This will be fun and it will make you better.  Not everyone is cut out for this type of training.  You are one of the lucky ones.  This is an exclusive club, and you’re part of it.

3. Show up ready to work.

4. Perform tasks to the best of your ability.  Nobody is expecting perfection.  I am expecting a constant pursuit of it.

5. You are training because your lifestyle has not given you the body or the performance that you desire.  Therefore, we are going to have to change some elements of your lifestyle.  Accept this.

6. Do your homework!

7. Vegetables.  Eat them.  You are not allergic.  In the extremely unlikely event that you are, we’ll find other vegetables.

8. Protein.  Just like vegetables, only hopefully not green.

9. Cancellations for good cause are one thing.  No-shows are not acceptable.
Training should be a challenging yet fun experience.  If it is not fun, we will change it.  If it not challenging, rest assured that I will change it.

10. I reserve the right to break the rules when necessary.