Solutions / Products & Services

Web Design/Marketing Consultancy

SCL IT Solutions believes that just having a web site is like only doing half the job. A good website will not only look and feel good, be easy to navigate, flow well, and also load quickly, it will be managed constantly by someone who analyses the data and can change and market it to the specific groups you’re targeting.

Website marketing and optimisation is about making your website No 1 when people think of and or search for your business. We believe that a company that doesn’t market their website on all of their advertising may as well go without. But how do you keep on top of all of this? That’s where we come in. SCL IT Solutions can provide you with a number of solutions and options to maintaining and marketing your web site. We can offer advice and services to make sure your web site reflects the image your business is trying to portray.

Internet Connections

Whilst we don’t actually provide direct internet services, we are quite happy to arrange and negotiate the cheapest possible rate that suits your internet activities the closest. Many people pay too much for what they are using, and others are baffled with the many plans that are available. Leave it to us and we will recommend the best connections for your business, arrange it and implement it.

Computer Support/Upgrades/Parts Supply

We can either provide or recommend hardware for both the home and business with varying budgets being catered for. IT Hardware is always changing in price and can be a nightmare to keep up with. It makes sense to see a specialist who is dealing with the latest hardware all the time. How many times do you hear a horror story of a pc gone terribly wrong, or after sales service who forgot what service meant? We like to think that we are not here to provide just parts or labour when it comes to purchasing hardware or software, but also advice. We can advise you on the most economical and best value for money solution that will meet all your requirements now, and well into the future.

Network & Software Support Onsite & Dial up

Our technical engineers constantly design, implement and maintain a number of networks in multiple geographic locations, and are always there to provide backup support when something goes wrong. We prefer to take a pro-active approach rather than a re-active approach when it comes to hardware and software support and servicing. Remote access is just one way that makes this task a little easier. Our technicians can monitor systems on a regular basis and often spot possible problems before they happen, thus eliminating the stress and downtime when something goes haywire. We offer a number of contracts that our clients are able to purchase which helps provide them with the support and service that they require.

Training / Computer Tuition

SCL IT Solutions realises that we can’t possibly service everyone and that some companies prefer to have their own innhouse IT personnel. We also realise that there is often a need where these people need to refresh or upgrade their skills and knowledge when it comes to dealing with the latest software and technologies. We offer businesses a chance to get some of their staff trained at an affordable price and at a time that suits the business. It may not be financially or physically viable for a staff member to train during business hours, or for weeks on end at tafe. This is where we can help providing experience and knowledge and improving their productivity within their own sector.


Many people think of consultants as a waste of time, and depending on what they can provide for your dollar this is true. We at SCL IT Solutions prefer to think of consultancy as an investment, one that will ensure you make the right choice when it comes to your Information Technology requirements. Time and time again have we seen people spend money on systems and solutions that either just don’t work or are not suited to the application in which they were intended. We are happy to provide advice and guidelines to what and how you should implement for your business.