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Should you buy from a dealer?

Since coming to BMW of Silver Spring, I’ve spent a lot of my time thinking about what goes into car buying and what mistakes people make when buying cars. There are quite a few tips for people and I have been trying to slowly get these thoughts down for you my dear readers.  One thing I often run into being at BMW is should you buy a BMW from a dealer or not?  Well that’s a bit of a loaded question and do keep in mind, I work for a dealer.  I have found a few things you  should be mindful of when thinking about where you are purchasing from.

Always, always, always do your homework.  There are a number of factors to consider when you are buying a car however, reviews are key.  Regardless of what source you trust, always get a second opinion.  You should also be mindful of the reliability and what problems have been reported in the vehicle.  It’s not that these should steer you away from a certain vehicle however, it might steer you towards certain model years.  Also try to drive a few examples of the vehicles if you are looking at a used model.  While this is not always necessary, it doesn’t hurt.

Always check the service history.  You should always go to a dealer that can provide you with the vehicle’s service history.  Cars such as BMW run harmoniously when optimal oil pressure is maintained at all times.  In fact, this is so important, that BMW will not certify a vehicle with the Certified Preowned Warranty if it missed it’s first service.  I had a client who was comparing our car with a car at a non-BMW dealer.  Ours was certified and naturally, the other was not.  Well as I always do when I am trying to insure that my client is getting the best deal, I researched the car that we were comparing and lo and behold, the other BMW missed it’s first oil service by almost 10k miles.  Not only did this mean that this vehicle would not qualify for the certified warranty had it been at a BMW dealer, but if something happened to the motor while still under the new car warranty it is likely that BMW would not cover the issue.

Now keep in mind, when you are looking for an older vehicle it is likely you might not be able to find it  at a BMW dealer.  If you are looking for a 1999 M3, most dealers won’t be carrying it in stock.  The same rules apply.  Service history, reviews, and condition are all important.  Buying from some one you trust is also important.  Always trust your gut, and if something feels off, get a second opinion.

While you should always take advice with a grain of salt (even mine…) do your research, get as much information as possible and you’ll be fine.

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