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Web Design/Marketing Consultancy

SCL IT Solutions believes that just having a web site is like only doing half the job. A good website will not only look and feel good, be easy to navigate, flow well, and also load quickly, it will be managed constantly by someone who analyses the data and can change and market it to the specific groups you’re targeting.

Website marketing and optimisation is about making your website No 1 when people think of and or search for your business. We believe that a company that doesn’t market their website on all of their advertising may as well go without. But how do you keep on top of all of this? That’s where we come in. SCL IT Solutions can provide you with a number of solutions and options to maintaining and marketing your web site. We can offer advice and services to make sure your web site reflects the image your business is trying to portray.

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About coaching

What does your coaching program include?

My mission is to help people reduce stress, release overwhelm, and accomplish more with less effort by tapping into their unique strengths and multiple intelligences, resolving their internal and external conflicts, and cultivating awareness and peace of mind.

If you want to learn self-care, better manage your personal energy, develop healthier life and work habits, and bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life, my self help books can help you get there. You will open your VALVE of Transformation. The VALVE is a code that stands for:

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Should you buy from a dealer?

Since coming to BMW of Silver Spring, I’ve spent a lot of my time thinking about what goes into car buying and what mistakes people make when buying cars. There are quite a few tips for people and I have been trying to slowly get these thoughts down for you my dear readers.  One thing I often run into being at BMW is should you buy a BMW from a dealer or not?  Well that’s a bit of a loaded question and do keep in mind, I work for a dealer.  I have found a few things you  should be mindful of when thinking about where you are purchasing from.

Always, always, always do your homework.  There are a number of factors to consider when you are buying a car however, reviews are key.  Regardless of what source you trust, always get a second opinion.  You should also be mindful of the reliability and what problems have been reported in the vehicle.  It’s not that these should steer you away from a certain vehicle however, it might steer you towards certain model years.  Also try to drive a few examples of the vehicles if you are looking at a used model.  While this is not always necessary, it doesn’t hurt.

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The Difference between Lifting Big and Getting Strong

I had a brief interaction with a guy a couple of weeks ago that reminded me of one of the most important parts of strength and performance coaching/training. This is something that you’ll hear me harp on fairly regularly as I think it’s one of the most important keys to developing strength. As athletes, the real key is to get strong, not to lift big weights. Continue reading The Difference between Lifting Big and Getting Strong