Steaks online

Medium, Rare, or Well Done

There are many ways to grill beef and everyone likes their steaks online cooked a little differently.  Using your guide and monitoring the three big T’s Timing, Temperature and Thickness, you will never have any trouble cooking your perfect steak exactly to your liking.  Whether your preference is to cook your steak rare, medium-rare, medium or well done, best piece of advice I can offer is to choose a quality cut of meat to start with.

What I thought I’d do here is quickly give you an overview of the most popular ways to cook steaks on the barbecue and make a couple of comments about each.


The outside of the meat has been seared and a dark crust has formed but almost all the centre of the meat remains red.


The outside of the steak has been seared and a crust has formed.  The meat has started to cook through but fully 50% of the centre is pink and melting.


A thin strip of pink is still evident in the centre of the steak but the rest of the meat has been browned.


The meat is cooked through with just a slight pink hue remaining.

Well Done

The meat is fully cooked through with no sign of pink.  Typically the outside is charred and firm to the touch as all juices have been cooked out.

A word about Grass Vs Grain Fed

Grain fed has become very popular because it adds marbling to the meat, that is, flecks of fat through the meat that when cooked, melt and add great flavour.  Grass fed meat can also have this marbling although not to the same extent.  To be honest, it is hard to beat grass fed beef, steers finished in prime pasture.