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Harnessing Mind Power to Feel Self Empowered: 1 Powerful Tip

By harnessing mind power you can program your subconscious mind and begin to feel confident very quickly. You would feel confident to handle any situation even if the situation is difficult or unusual.

Why do people need to Harness Mind Power?

Often we feel powerless when we don’t know how to handle an unusual situation, a difficult situation or a situation where we were left inadequate in the past.

In such circumstances most of us begin to feel anxiety and worry.  We can also feel some degree of helplessness when we can’t come up with a solution to resolve that situation.

When we feel unable to handle our anxiety, worry and helplessness we feels powerless.

Most people do not know that by harnessing mind power they can easily become free from their feelings of anxiety, worry and helplessness.

This is very important to understand. We can easily feel empowered and access our internal and external resources to find answers to handle the situation by harnessing mind power which makes it possible for us to feel calm and relaxed.

In summary, therefore, our state of powerlessness is our inability to cope and manage our feelings of anxiety, worry and helplessness. Once we learn the skills of dealing with these feelings, we would not feel powerless often, or would come out of that state very quickly.

1 Tip for Harnessing Mind Power:Practice as written below

Whenever you feel helpless, just accept the fact that you are feeling helpless. The very act of accepting creates a shift in your internal emotions. This is because now you are not fighting your state of helplessness. You are saving your precious psychic energy. Acceptance also reduces the intensity of the feelings. In a few minutes, you would feel somewhat lighter and relaxed. Once you are relaxed and calmer, you will be able to find some answer to the situation using your current competencies.  Here are the steps:

When feeling helpless, anxious or worried, silently say to yourself, ‘I welcome this helplessness/anxiety/worry’.

Repeat this statement several times.

Within a few minutes you will begin to feel lighter and better.

Be ready to be surprised: while repeating this phrase, you may also go into light trance, feel relaxed and your intuitive mind may give you an idea of how to resolve that situation.

Harnessing mind power is fairly simple once you know the right techniques. Try this technique and allow your mind power to enfold.

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