Prague, The City of 100 Towers

Even though today Prague is quickly linked to crowds of tourists in search of cheap, tasty Czech beer, the city has a more intricate history than its Disney-like facade leads on.

Often referred to as the “Paris of the East”, Prague for centuries has been the center of cultural and architectural magnificence: It is the city where the legend of the Golem originated and where age-old Jewish life and culture can still today be traced. It is the golden city where Mozart’s Don Giovanni had its debut performance in 1787 and where Dvorak composed his music. Where Kafka lived and worked for an insurance company, while simultaneously writing his impressive literary oeuvre. The city where decadent Art Nouveau buildings add to the medieval architectural opulence and where Alphonse Mucha created his famous posters, before reaching fame in France. The city of the infamous Prague Spring and of the famous playwright Vaclav Havel, the first freely elected president of Czechoslovakia. And last but not least, home of the renown “Reduta” jazz club where former President Clinton performed on his saxophone.

There are lots of parks out there in the city of Prague and state owned parks are quite a few in numbers. Rotunda at Vysehrad is the best place for site seeing and you will get the taste of the nature mother. The green places in and around the rotunda is quite a picture of what the Mother Nature has to offer us in this beautiful world. Rotunda, itself a monument is worth a visit or two. You do not have to change your daily practice whatever it is since you will get everything here in this part of the world.

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