Ibiza boat party

17 essential things to do in Ibiza

So much depends on your interests, your age perhaps but so many things attract the tourist to Ibiza that there are almost two alternative lists, with the odd thing in common, but it is for the holidaymaker to make the choice from the range available.

  1. The Clubs, well what can you say? The night life of Ibiza is legendary with international Disk Jockeys paying regular visits to entertain the crowds in their thousands. Privilege actually holds 10,000 people while a Club called Space introduced a new innovation, a Day Club actually operating as the Night Clubs do. Can you keep going 24/7?
  2. The Beach Club, Bora Bora, if you don ‘t fancy Space but you’ll be doing pretty much the same thing; dancing, drinking and generally enjoying yourself.
  3. On Sunday evenings, if you still have the energy, why not go to Benirras Beach at sunset where there is another form of party, drumming and bongos throughout the night.
  4. There is always the option of checking out the host of beaches Ibiza has to offer. If you just want a bit of sand and a sleep after a hectic night, make sure you apply plenty of sun tan cream if that sleep is on the beach.
  5. The Mediterranean is a fascinating sea and it is possible to charter a boat for a trip; it proves quite a change from the hectic social life you are leading.
  6. Get a ticket for an Ibiza boat party. I swear you’ll have a great time!
  7. Fireworks! If there’s festival, and the biggest in Spain is right in the middle of August, the Ascension of the Virgin Saint of Paloma, there will be plenty of fireworks in the Old Town of Ibiza.
  8. The open-air music festival in San Antonio held annually where a number of international artists such as the Kaiser Chiefs have performed in the past.
  9. Shop until you drop, even if it is just a few souvenirs and T-shirts but there’s plenty of nice things to buy for friends and family to prove you didn’t spend all your money on enjoying yourself.
  10. The Hippie Market may be somewhere to do that shopping. It’s on the Eastern side of the Island and although things have become a bit more commercialised of late, it is a good place for leather goods, trinkets and clothes.
  11. Spend at least one night in one of the many outstanding restaurants on the Island and try the local fare. Fine restaurants can be found throughout the Island and one website recommends a good Italian Restaurant. What! In Spain? Much better to have a traditional paella which originates from Valencia one of the nearest points on the Mainland. It is a dish that the older generations in the UK might have first had in dried form. The real thing includes rabbit and chicken in most of its forms but whereas snails may be added on the Mainland, it is likely to be fish in Ibiza. Perhaps a bottle of wine will make it a special occasion.
  12. There are some fantastic sunsets to enjoy in Ibiza. Why not find somewhere quiet to enjoy one, whether a secluded beach or better still in the mountains with views over the Mediterranean? For those wanting to explore, it will be easy to find a special place. Why not San Jose, it is no distance away even if you are staying in San Antonio or Ibiza?
  13. There are a host of cultural experiences to be had in Ibiza, ruins to visit, countless interesting village churches. A little bit of research is very worthwhile. Go to Cala D’Hort and see Es Vedra a 400metre high rock and one of the stunning natural features of the Island.
  14. Walk through the streets of Old Ibiza late at night; the shops and bars will be open and its an enchanting atmosphere.
  15. Why not visit the Mud Baths on the neighbouring island of Es Palmador. Mud is known for its rejuvenating qualities and after all a holiday is for relaxation.
  16. If you’ve chosen a resort hotel amongst the crowds, a day in the hills will show you the other Ibiza; if you’re staying in the hills come down and see how the other half lives.
  17. No holiday is complete without a dip in the sea, and there are plenty of beaches to be found that are neither noisy or crowded.
  18. RELAX!

Well after all that, you’ll need a holiday, unless you mix them with our more leisurely pursuits!