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How to Grow a Beard

How to Grow a Beard

First of all, why even bother to grow a beard? Simply, chics dig it. I was clean shaven until I hit 28 years old and realized I needed to get my sexy on.

First thing first.

Your mind frame: If you are thinking of growing a beard then get ready to step up to the challenge of having a well-groomed, sexy beard. Commitment is the secret in order to succeed in your beard-growing effort. If you decided to grow a beard then challenge yourself to grow it. Because believe me it is tempting to just shave it all off from the slight irratation. Simply commit yourself to grow the beard and concentrate on it. Make sure that it is non-negotiable. Give yourself a time frame. Depending on what style you want, give yourself between a week to six weeks.

It will help you a lot if you pick a bearded role model as your inspiration during the process of growing your man hood. This might be someone you know or someone historical or famous. As you grow your beard, in case your confidence and commitment weakens, simply concentrate on your bearded role-model and how you would like to be like him.

You might feel strange particularly if it is your first time to have a beard but you will get used to it. Don’t get affected by the reactions you will get from others. It’s your decision, not theirs. Focus on the positive comments and ignored the negative ones. You might think you look different but its all for the better. Because once you shave it off, your going to want to grow it back.

You can always buy a couple of beard vitamins and help your beard grow.

Choosing the Right Beard Style

You might be thinking what style of beard will suit you best. Below are some of the popular style of facia hair that you might want to consider. Choosing the latest fashion trends might not be a good idea since it might not look good on you. Having a beard should never be about fashion. It’s about being yourself. What fits your character, etc.

A Full Beard

If you want a classic expression of the male beard choose the full beard. For those who are dedicated enough to have a beard, the full beard is the perfect choice. The first thing that you need to remember if you really want to have a full beard, is to define its shape appropriately. Along the cheek line, keep it natural. If you think the natural cheek line is very high, define a line in an area from the sideburn in front of the ear down to the outer corner of the mustache. Make sure that you do not define it too low. Having a low cheek line provides the look of beard which has been gutted.

The Goatee and Mustache

The combination of goatee and mustache is one of the common beard styles. For those with good growth in the chin and mustache areas but with slight growth on the cheeks. It is also known as the candado or padlock or circle beard. For first timer, it is best to have a bigger area to grow as compared to the size which you think you would prefer. This will allow you to have more flexibility in identifying the size of the coverage area for the mustache and goatee. You can also start out having a full beard and allow your hair in the face to grow. From the time you have enough growth to have an appropriate determination, then you can trim and shape it down to the size that you want. The normal shape of the mustache and goatee is like an oval, with the mustache shaping the top of the oval. You may try on some variations on the shape, but it is best to have the oval-like shape to start with.

The Balbo

Another variant of the goatee and mustache is the balbo. In this type, the goatee and mustache are disconnected to each other. The goatee is shaped into an inverted letter T. Another way is to get rid of the mustache. If you want to grow balbo, it is best that you let a larger area to grow as compared to the size that you think that you would prefer. From the time you have reached enough growth to have the appropriate determination, then you can shape and cut it down to your desired size and shape. Also, you can begin with the present full beard or present goatee and mustache, you could cut it into the shape of the balbo.

The Mustache and Chin Strip

Another variant of the goatee and mustache is the mustache and chin strip. It is also called the Van Dyke, Colonel Sanders and chin puff and mustache. Just grow a mustache in a vertical strip down the center of the chin. You may begin growing the vertical strip a little bit wider as compared to what you think it should be. Then, if you think that you have enough amount of growth, you can narrow the strip down if you like.