Personalized gifts

Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

It seems that the Christmas holiday buying season starts earlier every year. Pretty soon you’ll be doing your Christmas shopping year round, so it’s never too early to be thinking about gift ideas. I’ve gotten many creative and unique ideas from people over the years and I thought I would share them with you.

  • Give a personalized Christmas stocking with the person’s name on it.
  • Give a photo album with a personalized cover, filled with photos.
  • Put a special picture in a custom made frame.
  • Give a holiday ornament with the person’s name on it (you can make this a yearly theme).
  • Grandparents love getting anything with their grandchildren’s name or picture on it (T-shirts, mugs, etc.).
  • Give a music box that plays a song which holds special meaning.
  • Give a bottle of wine with a personalized label.
  • Give a message ring with a personalized engraving.
  • Personalized pillows and blankets make great wintertime gifts.
  • Engraved desk sets for Dad are always a good idea.
  • Give a personalized lighter for your beloved father or grandfather.
  • Custom mousepads and computer accessories are great for co-workers or those who spend a lot of time in cyberspace.

Why Give Personalized Gifts?
Personalized gifts show that you really took the time and effort to think about somebody before buying them a gift. Anybody can tell their secretary to pick something out, but when it’s personalized it shows that you really care. All the people I’ve talked to who have either given or received a personalized gift say that they would buy another in the future.

And the great thing is that it doesn’t take any more time to find personalized gifts. In fact, a lot of times it’s faster than running up to the corner store. With the proliferation of e-commerce websites out there, finding that perfect gift is just a mouse click or two away.