Make Copying And Transferring of Files Easy With Effective Software

A few centuries ago who knew that we would in the coming time live in a world dominated by machines and computers. Our lives today revolve around technology from household chores to education, entertainment; technology has its uses in every field. We today live in a world where living without technology is not less than a nightmare.

Technology has to a large extent redefined the way of our working; it has made our lives much easier, comfortable and saves a lot of our precious time. Not only does technology influences our day to day working but has also emerged as an excellent field of employment. Today imagining an office without computers, machines and other technology driven instruments is next to impossible; from government offices to private sector Multinational Companies all have their functioning dominated by technology.

This great influence of technology gives birth to a neck to neck competition for innovating a better one every day. Each Industry or Company dedicated to the field of technology tirelessly works to make the next day’s technical services better than the previous day, new software are developed every day to make the technical services and experience better and even more efficient.

One such software which makes our working efficient and quick is robocopy, a single command- line tool. This software is best at copying, transferring and producing replicas of file from one folder to the other. The best and most significant feature of this software is its expandable size. It is a fully automatic and can be easily scheduled to run. It is highly compatible in all devices and is easy to understand i.e. it is user friendly as well. It requires no installation process to be carried out, all it requires is Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to be installed in advance on the machine which would run the Robocopy program.

Some of the significant features of this programme are as follows:

  • It can copy or transfer files that are locked or secured, this feature make this programme unique and more effective than others.
  • It can also work on advance and high level scripts just by making a few mouse clicks i.e. it carries out even difficult and strenuous task with much ease.
  • It copies files from one folder to another simultaneously skipping the unmodified ones. It also provides for better logging of errors.
  • It enables us to make mirror files of the source files from one folder to another.
  • It also enables us with the feature of including or excluding specific folders as per our will. It has upgraded and refined algorithms which in turn increases efficiency, reliability and overall performance.
  • It also provides the feature of copying files that get modified after x number of day.
  • It also offers the option of sending the files through e-mails.
  • It can set the same date to the target folders as the source folders.

Thus, the incorporation of all the significant and unique features of this software makes it distinguishable from others and makes it customer friendly.