Remember Forever With Pet Urns For Ashes

A family animal has a special place in that family. As dog and cat owners testify, pet owners sympathize with the role dogs and cats play in the dynamics of a home. The dog or cat becomes part of the family which means that when it dies, a piece of that family goes with it. At Coffin Supplier, our job is to provide you with a dog ashes box that allows you and your family to remember the dog, cat or other animal that shared so many memories with your family.

Types of Pet Cremation Urns

  • Wooden pet urns
  • Marble pet urns
  • Ceramic pet urns
  • Dog urns
  • Cat urns

Our pet urns for ashes come in a variety of sizes and styles. We have wooden pet urns, marble pet urns and ceramic pet urns. Wooden pet urns are beautiful and will bring fond remembrance of the dog or cat that was once was a part of your home. Coffin Supplier knows that when a pet dies, it is like losing a family member. The grieving is the same but our dog and cat ceramic urns are a way to always keep that dog’s or cat’s life alive. This helps kids and adults alike cope with the loss. Marble pet cremation urns are designed to the families taste of pet urns for ashes. Whether it is marble, ceramic, or wooden, these cremation pet urns for ashes are the perfect token.

Honor Your Pet With a Wooden Marble, or Ceramic Pet Urn

Coffin Supplier wants you and your family to remember your animal in any way you want with ceramic, marble, and wooden cat and dog urns. If cremation is too much, a dog or cat urn can still be filled with items that belonged to your animal. People sometimes fill their marble pet cremation urns, ceramic pet urns, or wooden pet urns with pictures, dog or cat treats, toys, and any other memento.

Wooden pet urns are recommended for framing pictures. Marble and ceramic urns are more decorative for the ashes and cremation urns become a beautiful accent piece in any home. They are a wonderful way to start a conversation and cremation urns serve as a constant reminder of the loved pet.

We want you to know that we understand how hard it is to lose a pet. Cremation and what to do with the ashes, or just finding a way to remember the lost family friend can be a tough day. Entrust Coffin Supplier with the care of your ashes and we will promise you a wooden, marble, or ceramic memorial that will last a lifetime.