High end jewelry

Tips on how to get jewelry of the best quality for the best price

The gift of a beautiful piece of jewelry makes such a wonderful gift for that special anniversary, birthday, or special occasion. Pearls, rubies, diamonds, sapphires or high end jewelry – they all make a spectacular gift to that special person on that special occasion. So, how do you go about being sure you are getting the best quality for the best price for that jewelry? 

Before ‘pulling the trigger’ on that jewelry buy, be sure you learn all you can about the jewelry or whatever you are purchasing be it gold, silver, platinum or just gemstones. Match up the quality, customer service and price of competing offers. d. Be sure you understand and can live with the store (or websites) exchange and return policies. e. Any purchase you make you will want to be sure comes with a warranty and/or guarantee – be sure you understand its terms. Always get everything you relied upon related to the purchase in writing (e.g. sales receipt; gemological report; purchase details).

The saying goes ‘if you don’t know your jewels, know your jeweler’. Well, checking on the reputation of the sale that you making is of paramount importance when buying diamonds, pearls, watches or jewelry. Be sure the store has a long-standing, solid reputation in the community. If the jewelry store is a member of any trade organizations, determine what they are and investigate the requirements to belong. The Better Business Bureau in your area is a resource you should use when evaluating a prospective jeweler. Dealing with knowledgeable staff is a must. See if they have a gemological background.

The BBB Reliability seal is a good indicator of the online store’s compliance with good business practices and a seal you should look for when buying diamonds, watches, pearls or jewelry. Document the details related to your purchase for future use, if necessary. Determine where they are geographically and call to speak with a person to confirm details or get clarification. Having written that, paperwork trail is extremely important when making an online jewelry purchase. Closing remark – your recipient of jewelry is one lucky person!