Pest Control Services

We are dedicated to providing our customers with Top Quality Pest Control Services for a reasonable price.

We provide a detailed report outlining our findings and a customized treatment plan to control Pest infestations in your home or business.

Our Pest Control specialists will provide you with a diagram of your home or business that shows any areas where infestation and/or damage exist and where we propose to apply treatment to control Pest Control treatments are needed in your home, business and/or multiple unit complex.

Our Pest experts provide you a choice of using traditional pest control treatment methods.


To keep animals and insects at bay in Chicago, pest control services from RAM Pest Control can offer fast, effective service to maintain a safe, healthy home. Let us handle your problem quickly and effectively with trained professionals and proven techniques. In both rural and urban neighborhoods, we all share our environment with a variety of animals and other wildlife, but nothing is worse than when they take up residence in your own home.

We are a leading company in the Chicago area, known for our quick response and thorough work. Our licensed and insured team is fully trained and experienced in a variety of extermination and elimination techniques. We pay attention to the details to thoroughly rid your home of pests and ensure the problem doesn’t come back. We have experience with all animals and insects and we can help you with any problem imaginable. We also focus on customer safety and satisfaction, ensuring that you feel not only satisfied with our work but also comfortable and confident in our methods of service.

Don’t wait to call. Without professional intervention, you may have a larger and more difficult problem on your hands. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted house guests, trust our locally owned and operated company to deliver prompt, professional service.