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Moving with Children

Moving is known to be a very stressful experience, when children are involved it could be even more stressful. As much as changing homes can confuse you its usually more confusing to your children. When they have to find new friends, move to a new school and get to know a new neighborhood.

Most people think that the shorter notice they’ll give to their children the less stressful it would be for them. However recent studies have shown that the sooner you’ll tell your children about the upcoming move the more time they’ll have to get used to idea. When you decide to move sit down and explain to your children about the moving and see how the react to the idea.

Let your children take an active roll in the move, explain about the new area you are moving to an encourage them to research on line about the area, show them pictures, famous landmarks and so on.

Your children are influenced by your attitude towards the move, if you are stressed they’ll be stress as well, if you’re excited and positive most likely they’ll be too.

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